Paint in the Blackforest and Kaiserstuhl

Nature studies and abstractions in the Blackforest with water colour and chalk.
Aim of the course is it to show impressions of the landscape and to sharpen by reduced representation the view for essential details. In the connection the  won impulses  will be worked out on 2 days in the studio.



22.07. -  25.07.2021 (2 days plein air, 2 days in the studio Freiburg)


  • 4 days                                                                     €     350,-
  • extensionday at the studio  (5 hour) possible          €      70,-

Materials to bring along

watercolour or acrylic colours, watercolourblock or universalblock, watercolour-  brushs , water color- pencils, Pencil

Meeting Pointmeeting point  Studio Bettackerstraße 10c,  79115 Freiburg