Lush vegetation, paddy fields, life in harmony, tranquility and life-affirming festivals make up the fascination of this island.


  • 30.04. - 10.05.2025


  • Painting course, single room breakfast, studio. €1830
  • Transfer ca. €30
  • Flug extra ca. €850


The aim of this two-week course is to be able to immerse yourself here for a brief moment in order to test one's artistic ability under the influence of Bali. Studies of nature and details offer suggestions for a continuation of abstraction and reduction. We deal with topics such as the complementary interplay of colors, lines, rhythms and structures, both in relation to nature and in free implementation. Various techniques such as watercolor, chalk, acrylic and pigments are used.

The four idyllic bamboo houses characteristic of Bali lie between the rice fields near Ubud. They each have two floors and have single rooms connected by a staircase, showers (hot and cold water), cooking facilities and either a terrace or balcony. The site is run by a Balinese family of painters.
A very nice studio is available to the group.

bring materials

Watercolor box, watercolor block, brush of your choice, crayons, pencils, water tank, gouache white, If you like working with acrylic, you need acrylic paints, canvas (unframed) or acrylic paper. Important, flashlight.