1990 Galerie Kubias, Emmendingen
1991 Galerie Grüne Schlange, Schopfheim
1991 Galerie  Videmus, Freiburg
1992 Goedeke Freiburg
1993 Kunstverein Gundelfingen
1997 Rossmann Krankenhaus, Breisach
1997 Galerie Art Forum Riehen (ch)
1998 Galerie Del Mese Meisterschwanden 
2000 HUG-Gruppe Freiburg
2002 Galerie Corcodel, Herbolzheim
2003 Galerie am Schloßberg, Staufen
2003 Polyrizos, Kreta
2004 Galerie Corcodel, Herbolzheim
2005 Galerie Heinkel, Freiburg
2006 Galerie Wintermantel, Freiburg
2008 Kunsthalle Basel, Regionale
2009 Werkstatt Galerie, Freiburg
2011 Atelier Ausstellung, Freiburg
2012 Galerie Schindel, Freiburg
2012 Atelier Ausstellung Freiburg
2013 Galerie Schindel, Freiburg

2015 Artraum Freiburg

since 2011 exhibitions in the studio annually at the end of November

Born in Göppingen, Sonja Wagner found her first inspiration for painting in the early 1970s on extensive trips around the world. From 1974-1979 she studied painting at the Alanus University in Bonn Alfter. After her studies she worked in Crete and Bali for a few months to experience new cultural impulses. She has worked as a freelance painter since 1983. Her works have been recognized at numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Sonja Wagner teaches in her studio in Freiburg and organizes painting trips to Bali, Zanzibar, Sardinia, Mallorca and Crete.

T. Wortmann on the occasion of the Schlossberg Gallery exhibition in 2003

Sonja Wagner's paintings in acrylic, tempera and mixed media were created on her extensive world trips to South-East Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean region. The artist, who was born in southern Germany, translates her feelings during her contact with the most diverse indigenous peoples of this earth into a dialogue between color tones and symbolism. Rich in contrast, she places calm areas of color next to images charged with symbolism, thereby creating a meditative as well as communicative atmosphere. Organic and abstract forms are in direct dialogue with each other. The luminosity of the colors and the depth of meaning of the symbols indicate a strong connection with the roots of seemingly archaic cultures that focus on the holistic meaning of life. The result of her many years of intensive confrontation with those values ​​have resulted in portraits with an unusually high expressiveness, which, especially in today's data-reduced reality, remind us of the essentiality of our existence.